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Yakkers Metro

Rotary Park to Cherapa Place

Route was Mapped Late March,  (there will be much more greenery than depicted)

Due to Low River Conditions, We Do Not Recommend This Route. Please Call/Chat for Current Advisory.

Route Information:​

Classification: Intermediate

Begins at:   Rotary Park

Ends at:   Cherapa Place

Has a Distance of:    2.3 Miles

Lasts:    .45 - 1.5 Hours

Recommended paddling level = 4.5 feet and up 

Check Current Flow/Depth

Yakkers Metro provides a short and fun float down the river with snapshots of both nature and the city.  The steady current and light rapids allow you to enjoy an exciting float while taking in the City of Sioux Falls! You will have an easy landing on either Sand or Granite with plenty of energy left to check out the sights, shopping, and food of Downtown Sioux Falls!

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