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Rapids of the Sunken Bridge

Sunken Bridge to Split Rock Park Landing

Due to Low River Conditions, We Do Not Recommend This Route. Please Call/Chat for Current Advisory.

Route Information:​

Classification: Intermediate

Begins at:  The Sunken Bridge

Landing:  Split Rock Park Campground

Has a Distance of:    3.1 Miles

Lasts:    2 - 2.5 Hours

Flat Packed Gravel and Dirt

Recommended paddling level = 4.5 feet and up 

Check Current Flow/Depth

Rapids of the Sunken Bridge is not for the faint of heart! You will encounter many different rapids and make sure you are ready to get a little wet! When the river is up you will find yourself flowing down a fast paced current dodging massive rocks along the way!

Hold on and Enjoy the Ride!

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