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Rapid Greenway

Farm Field Park to Rotary Park Landing

Route was Mapped Late March,  (there will be much more greenery than depicted)

Due to Low River Conditions, We Do Not Recommend This Route. Please Call/Chat for Current Advisory.

Route Information:​

Classification: Beginner

Begins at:   Farm Field Park

Ends at:  Rotary Park

Has a Distance of:    4.15 Miles

Lasts:    1.5 - 3 Hours

Recommended paddling level = 4.5 feet and up 

Check Current Flow/Depth

Rapid Greenway is a great route for beginners that are looking for a short, exciting, yet easy-going paddle that is close to town. You will have ample opportunity to see plenty of wildlife while staying tucked away behind a canopy of trees making it a perfect float for a hot summer day as it provides plenty of protection from the sun! The steady current will also keep you moving throughout your entire journey.

Route Card Coming soon

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