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Guide To Play Offside Bet in Football

Offside betting is a familiar scenario for fans of the beautiful game. At our sportsbook, we provide a variety of offside handicap betting tips for you to choose from.

Basic Knowledge of Offside Betting

In football, the offside rule is an important and widely applied situation. This rule originates from Law 11 of FIFA's Laws of the Game and is used to determine whether a player is in an offside position or not. Below are some basic facts about offside betting.

Offside Concept

This situation occurs when a player is standing in an offside position at the moment a teammate passes the ball to them. To determine offside, two conditions must be met:

The player in the offside position must be closer to the opponent's goal line than the ball and the second-last opponent, including the goalkeeper.

The player in the offside position is not considered offside if they are in line with the direction of the ball when it is passed.

Offside Position Fault Lines

There are several positions on the field where if a player is there at the time the ball is passed to them, it will be considered offside. These positions include:

In front of the opponent's second-last player: If a player is in front of the opponent's second-last player and there is no opponent between them and the sideline, when the ball is passed to them, it will be deemed an offside offense.

In front of the sideline: If a player is in front of the sideline and there is no opponent between them and the sideline, when the ball reaches them, it will be counted as an offside offense.

In front of their own teammate: If a player is in front of their own teammate and there is no opponent between them and their teammate, when the ball is passed to them, it will also be considered offside.

Hot Offside Betting Options

In the realm of football betting, we are a reputable and popular sportsbook, offering various enticing offside betting options for players. Here are some types of offside bets favored by many bettors in the sportsbook's gaming halls.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a common type of football betting. When placing a handicap bet, you must predict the offside outcome of the match based on the point difference between the two teams. The weaker team will be given additional points (handicap), and the stronger team will have points deducted (handicapped). If you correctly choose the winning team after calculating the handicap points, you will win the bet and receive a reward from the sportsbook.

Over/Under Betting

This is an offside betting type where players must predict the total number of offside offenses counted in a match. You have two choices: "over" if you predict that the total number of offenses will exceed the sportsbook's set threshold, or "under" if you believe that the total number of offenses will not surpass that threshold. The result of the over/under bet is determined by the actual total number of offside offenses recorded in the match.

Even/Odd Betting

Even/odd betting is a simple offside betting type where players must predict whether the total number of offside violations in a match will be even or odd. The betting reward for players will be determined by the overall result of the match's offside violations, as calculated by the sportsbook.

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How to participate in sports betting

If you're interested in participating in sports betting with our bookmaker, here's a detailed guide on each step to get started:

Login: Access the official website of the bookmaker and look for the "Login" or "Sign In" button. The system will redirect players to a page where they can fill in the necessary information such as username and password. Note that accurate information is required for quick access.

Navigate to the sports lobby: On our official interface, you need to select the "Sports" lobby. Once done, the system will immediately direct the player to the sports betting lobby.

Choose a match and place bets: Here, players can find and select the match they want to bet on. We provide a variety of matches and sporting events for you to choose from. When selecting a match, consider the available betting options such as handicap, over/under, even/odd, and many other types of bets. Make sure to carefully read the rules and betting principles before placing bets.

Place bets and track results: After choosing a match and betting option, enter the amount you want to bet and confirm your bet slip. Ensure that you have carefully considered and managed your betting amount reasonably. Once the bet is placed, you can track and await the final outcome of the match. Winnings will be credited directly to the member's account if the bet is successful.

Tips for easier Asian handicap betting

Here, we'll share some tips to help bettors effectively place Asian handicap bets:

Analyze the history of both teams: Before placing bets, thoroughly research the handicap history of both teams. Consider previous matches between the two teams and check the frequency of handicaps. This statistical analysis will give players an overview of each team's likelihood of committing fouls and help make appropriate betting decisions.

Learn how to analyze football odds from experts: Analyzing football odds is an essential skill to evaluate the teams' capabilities and determine whether the Asian handicap bet is favorable. Learn about factors that influence match outcomes such as player form, absence of key players, weather conditions, and field conditions. This information will help bettors accurately assess the Asian handicap odds.

Master reading the Asian handicap table: Reading the handicap betting table is an essential skill that helps players understand the bookmaker's betting rules. Master the terms and figures on the handicap table such as handicap, over/under, even/odd. This knowledge will help you understand how to calculate and determine the probability of winning bets.

Apply the progressive betting strategy: The progressive betting strategy is a popular tactic in football betting. Initially, bettors place small Asian handicap bets and gradually double the bet amount after each loss. However, players should note that applying this betting method requires patience and effective financial management.

Money management strategy: Managing your betting capital is crucial to ensure you don't take on excessive risks in football betting. Set a reasonable betting budget and adhere to the principle of not exceeding the allowed betting limit. Divide your capital to bet on various handicap options and avoid betting beyond what you can afford to lose.


Asian handicap betting is a significant and common aspect of football matches. Therefore, Asian handicap bets are also of great interest and choice for many members. We hope our soccer tips sites will provide you with valuable information to participate in betting and win valuable rewards.


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